5 Non-Traditional Tuxedos

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June 6, 2018
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August 7, 2018

Bored of the traditional black and white tuxedos? Check out our 5 non-traditional tuxedo options for your upcoming special day.

5 Non-Traditional Tuxedos


1) Grey

Grey is one of the most popular colour options after black for tuxedos. Shades like heather are wonderful for daytime and warmer months while steel is good for daytime as well as evening. Grey is a perfect match for garden weddings staying classy but not as formal.


2) Pattern

Feel free to be daring and bold by wearing a patterned tuxedo. Stand out with a plaid or stripe jacket or for a more casual, summer look go with a seersucker stripe. No matter what pattern you choose, you’ll definitely make an impression no one will forget anytime soon!


3) Blue

If you are looking for a less formal but fun colour for your special day, blue is where it’s at! From royal, cobalt to navy, wearing this colour will give you a casual, clean, sophisticated look. For a more laid-back feeling, go with a lighter tone of blue. Don’t worry, if you’re still wanting a more formal look make sure to go with a darker tone.


4) Burgundy

This colour is bolder than the usual black tuxedo. Burgundy used to be worn by the royals, so it creates a regal flair especially when worn on your special day. Fashionable and a little out of the box, you’ll definitely show your personality with burgundy. For a rich textured look, try this color in a velvet.

5) Tan

If you are planning a destination wedding, then this is the colour for you! The tan tuxedo gives off a semi-formal, cool look perfect for the warm weather by the beach. Anything that creates a light and breezy look on a warm day is ideal.

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