To Buy or To Rent Your Wedding Suit and Groomsmen Attire

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October 2, 2018
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Rarely does a bride entertain the thought of renting her wedding dress, but to buy or to rent a wedding suit seems to be the question on a grooms mind. There are pros and cons to both. However, a groom shouldn’t downplay the significance to his outfit, compared to the bride’s attire. A beautiful bridal gown will take center stage, that’s the nature of the beast, but this doesn’t negate the fact that the groom has the right to be as stylish as he desires on his wedding day.


Don’t skip on your suit or tux because the bride’s dress is the life of the party. The spotlight might land on her more often, but sharing the stage with her GQ man will be her proudest moment, because in the words of the American rock band, ZZ Topevery girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man. Now, will you be sharp in a rented suit or a purchased one?


Purchasing your wedding suit has its advantages; for one thing, a bespoke tailor will ensure that the suit fits perfectly. You will be measured from every imaginable angle. In this way, the groom’s wedding suit is similar to the bride’s gown. A bride wouldn’t darken church doors in a dress that was a little too big here or a little too snug there.


A tailored fit is the main difference between a bespoke suit and off-the-rack suiting.


It is designed to highlight a groom’s best features and to downplay his less flawless areas. Perhaps the best thing about a purchased suit, tailored to the groom is that it can be worn again and again.


There are several advantages to renting a suit/tux for yourself and for your groomsmen. It is often the most convenient choice. The availability of groomsmen from out of town is a challenge when choosing custom made. Yes, an over-the-counter rented suit won’t fit like custom made, but without a side-by-side comparison, who’s going to know? However, be sure to rent from a reputable dealer who has your best interest at heart. The contemporary designer labels that are available for rent may surprise you.


A groom might choose to rent his suit for budgetary reasons, especially if groomsmen are responsible for securing their own suits. They will appreciate the consideration since renting is less expensive than purchasing a tailored tux/suit. Another solution is to mix and match tailored with rental. In the same way that a maid of honor’s dress might differ from the other bridesmaids, groomsmen needn’t mirror the groom. He can purchase a tailored suit and still semi-match with the groomsmen.

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