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2020 is the year tailored fits and textured attire! It’s also the year of the groom sharing the spotlight with the bride and showing personality with his suit/tuxedo. The trickiest part of the groom’s attire is the colour choice.  We’ve put together a list of questions that help our fashion experts narrow down the perfect colours for the groom and his groomsmen before their appointment.


What is the colour of the bride’s dress?

  • This helps us suit/tuxedo will compliment her dress the best. For example, if a dress is an ivory then you won’t want to wear a white shirt or coat because it will make the dress look yellow. When coming in for your appointment we recommend bringing in a swatch of fabric so we can match the suit/tuxedo to the bride’s dress

What are the colours of your Bridesmaids Dresses?

  • This helps us figure out what suits the groomsmen should wear to compliment the bridesmaids as well as gives us an idea of the colour of the accessories that would best match.

What is your overall colour scheme?

  • This gives us an idea of all the colours that will be so we can make sure the suit/tuxedos match perfectly.

Where is your wedding located?

  • The location gives us an idea if the groom and groomsmen can be in more casual colours or Black Tie to match the interior/exterior of the venue.
  • Black and White suits with champagne accents are best for formal venues like hotels and conference centers
  • Blues, brown plaids, and lighter coloured suits are best for casual venues like lodges, cabins, outdoor, and barns. A trend that is getting popular is mixing blues and greys. These colours together give plenty of options to add personality to your suit.


Once we have an idea of your wedding colours, we are able to give expert advice on what colours the groom and groomsmen should be in.


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