FAQ Formalwear


Choosing a Formalwear Specialist:

  • Look at the reputation and quality of your alternatives for formalwear.
  • Ask friends and family who their specialist is.
  • Decide on the level of quality and service you desire.
  • Look for a retailer who carries current styles.
  • Ask if stock is replaced on a regular basis.
  • Ask how many times and what method is used in cleaning the garment.
  • Is there a full-time on-site tailor.

What payment is required?

  • A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking to activate your group booking. We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash or debit card.

Why be measured by a Formalwear Specialist?

  • It’s essential in ensuring you get the proper fit.
  • Property fitted formalwear is a must for comfort and look.
  • Ask for a trained, knowledgeable fitter.

What if I or someone in my party cannot come into a Derks location to be measured?

We can help and it’s simple and it doesn’t mean you need go elsewhere, just follow these steps:

  • In the event you cannot come into a Derks location, simply visit an affiliate (listed in the catalogue) or a formalwear specialist in any town/city/country for accurate measurements.
  • Out of town/city/country clients should phone, fax, or email their measurements into one of our stores where the information will be used in booking the tuxedo.

How do we select a style?

  • Spend time looking through magazines or catalogues (like the one you’ll find at Derks)to find styles that appeal to you.
  • The couple should share their ideas on what her attendants will be wearing and how the formalwear can compliment the overall look you want to achieve.
  • After you’ve decided on a look you prefer, come into one of our locations and speak to a specialist. Our staff must attend on-going training and are leaders in the industry.
  • Choose from the widest selection of styles from fashion forward garments to a more traditional approach.
  • We’ve included some helpful hints on the different elements that make up a great formalwear look in the upcoming section entitled “Formalwear Checklist”.

How can the groom’s attendants compliment the bride’s?

  • The bride has many choices in accessories that will highlight the colours she has chosen for her attendants.
  • With the largest selection of vest and accessories, Derks can assist you in co-ordinating the look of the groom’s attendants with those of the bride’s.

When is the best time to book our formalwear?

  • We advise booking at the earliest time possible, especially if you’re looking to rent during May through September to ensure you get the style you desire.
  • Booking 6 months in advance is suggested.

Does everyone need to be there when we book?

  • No, it isn’t necessary to have your whole party present. It may be easier to come in alone or just with your fiancé when making your decisions.
  • After choosing the styles and colours your File Manager registers your selection into our computer system.
  • The rest of your party may then come in and have their measurements and fittings completed.
  • But make certain all of them come in promptly.

What happens if someone comes in much later?

  • You may be disappointed and have to change your style.
  • When one person waits too long we may not be able to fit them into the same style you have chosen. We will then inform you of the situation and you will have to decide what needs to be done.
  • Avoid this situation by having everyone come in a timely fashion, no less than three months prior to your event.

After my order is complete, may I make changes?

  • Yes. But only your designated File Manager can make the necessary changes and it’s best if you can make these changes in person.
  • No changes may be made within two weeks of the wedding.

Should shoes be rented?

  • Yes. In order to maintain consistency and complete the formal look, we suggest you rent shoes.
  • Footwear is professionally cleaned and maintained to the highest standards.
  • We guarantee style, quality and freshness.

Do we need a final fit?

  • Yes. Final fittings are conducted to ensure you have received a proper fit and overall satisfaction.
  • Final fits give you the opportunity to learn valuable tips on the proper way to wear your tuxedo.
  • On-site tailoring means alterations may be made if necessary.
  • Final fittings are done at the time you pick up your rental.

What should I do in the event there is a problem with my formalwear on my special day?

  • Call us, tell us where you are and we’ll send a Formalwear Specialist to meet you.
  • On Saturday, Derks has an extra person on staff to assist you should a problem arise.
  • Should something be forgotten or needs fixing, call our emergency service department and we’ll do what it takes to make it right.

When do we return our formalwear?

  • To avoid late fees, all garments must be returned the next business day. Hours of operation are posted in the store.
  • If dropping off your formalwear poses an inconvenience, Derks offers a pick-up service for a small fee. Formalwear Checklist

The tuxedo is stylish and always elegant. Worn with matching trousers, a dress shirt and co-ordinating tie and vest or cummerbund a tuxedo is perfect for a wedding of any size.

Here are the elements you should be familiar with when choosing your formalwear:

  • Collar: Stand up or wing collar complements a long neck; a shorter neck looks best with a laydown collar.
  • Ties: Bow ties are made of formal fabric like a satin or brocade. Ties needn’t always match the colour of the bride’s attendants’ dresses. Black, gold, or silver ties with a subtle shimmer give formalwear a timeless elegance. Distinguish the groom from the groomsmen by choosing a slightly different tie, a solid if they’re wearing a pattern, brocade if they’re in a matte fabric.
  • Shirt: Traditionally, a pleated shirt is worn with a tuxedo. The proper closures are studs and cuff links in black, pearl, gold, silver or precious stones.
  • Sleeve: Allow one-half of an inch of shirtsleeve to show beneath the sleeve of the jacket.
  • Cummerbund: Made of brocade, silk or satin, it covers the waistband and range from mild to wild. Consider the mood and season of the wedding before choosing one and be sure that what you wear around your middle looks good around your neck as cummerbunds and ties usually match. And always place the pleats upward.
  • Vest: Made of brocade, silk or satin in a fullback or halfback style, a vest is the most comfortable and popular compliment to the tuxedo. They come in a wealth of choices and add personality to even the most conservative tuxedo. The fullback vest looks terrific on its own and allows the jacket to be removed later in the evening when everyone is more relaxed. It’s not necessary to match vest and tie but make certain you don’t clash with the hue of the boutonniere.
  • Trousers: can be double-pleated or flat-front and should break about five-inches above the ankle. There’s a satin stripe on the side. The bottoms are never cuffed.
  • Shoes: Black patent or matte finished oxfords or slip-ons are appropriate choices. A business shoe clashes with the streamlined look of formalwear while Formal shoes are sleeker. Match socks to trousers.
  • A groom’s boutonniere should complement the flowers and colours of their bride’s bouquet. But they should say something about the groom’s personality, too. Groomsmen boutonnieres should complement the flowers of the bride’s attendants.