Long Distance Rentals

You are not able to commute to our location?

It Doesn't matter! you can use our Long Distance Rental.

It's happening automatically by holding a Damage Deposit fee on your credit card and will be released as soon as we get the Rentals back in a good condition

Please note that the long distance rental fee is a bit more than the regular fee due to the turn around time

If you already have a Shipping/Delivery account we appreciate to process your order in that way so your purchase becomes cheaper. Please check the related checkbox at on the Checkout Page in this case.

What are the steps?

11st step
Go through the Measurement by hitting the button below. There is the full instructions to show you how to measure your sizes.
22nd step
Proceed to the form by hitting Long Distance Rental Measurements and fill the form out following the instruction.
33rd step
Hit Submit button. your info will be sent to us and you will be redirected to this page.
4Last step
Pick your Suit/Tux and then choose other parts like shirt, vest, tie, etc. they are all included in amount you pay for Suit/Tux styles.